Monday, July 28, 2008

Structure without Institutionalization

I have long felt that the subject of church structure has been neglected in our theological reflection and practice of church life. Our sense of the correct structure for the church is often more informed by recent church tradition than the intentions of Jesus and the Scriptures. Hans Kung notes: “All too easily the Church can become a prisoner of the image it has made for itself at one particular period in history.” (Hans Kung, The Church, 4) One of the major challenges is to develop healthy structures that remain unencumbered by institutionalization.

Alan Hirsch offers some good thoughts regarding the importance of church structure without getting bogged down by institutionalization on his blog The Forgotten Ways.
  • Is a shift from "organizational survival" to a "movement ethos" feasible?
  • How do we transition to a movement ethos?
  • How do we generate a movement ethos among the majority of those who call on the name of Jesus?

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