Friday, September 26, 2008

Voting Guide from BW3

As the elections are fast approaching, Ben Witherington III offers sage advice in considering our voting choice here. In it he states emphatically that we should "never" vote based on one issue. What do y'all think?


tech.samaritan said...

I have been mulling this over. I would assert that it could depend on the issue. I might flat-out reject a candidate that had a stance that war is a good way to both further our international control and bolster the economy because it would be putting him in a position where he could act on such a stance. Some issues seem to have little to do with the role of president, so I don't give their stance much weight (like abortion and gay marriage). I think it really depends on how you view the role of president and the federal government.

ThaiTopher said...

Tech would you not consider the veto authority the president holds as having significant power over practically every issue?